• $5.00

ALREADY have a dot2dance® without personalization? Or just looking to add some Fun Uniqueness to yours? How cool to be the ONLY person with that exact dot2dance! MAKE IT JUST YOURS by customizing with a variety of emblems. 

These Emblem Decals are custom designed to fit perfectly on your dot2dance. You can apply them around your name or they look great alone too. Each is perfectly sized depending on WHAT SIZE dot2dance you have, so please be sure to tell us what size dot2dance you already have.

Emblems do NOT include a dot2dance or the Name Decal, and will arrive 1-2 weeks after placing your order. They are very easy to apply to your dot2dance.

Have something special you want and dont see? Please email us what you are looking for and we will find it! 

We do offer CUSTOM PERSONALIZATION like Dance Team and Studio Logos. Please contact us directly for further information.