Marley Flooring,Dance Floor,Stage Flooring,Dance Studio Floor- Full Roll and Pieces-Matlay Alvas Brand Black/Gray - Dazzled-distributors

Marley Flooring,Dance Floor,Stage Flooring,Dance Studio Floor- Full Roll and Pieces-Matlay Alvas Brand Black/Gray

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 Every dancer dreams of having their very own personal HOME DANCE STUDIO. Accepted worldwide as the best and safest surface layer for dance we are happy to help your child’s dreams come true by offering full rolls of Dance and Stage Flooring “Marley” (Alvas Brand: Matlay). Marley will provide you a surface that allows dancers to slide with a degree of “controlled slip”. Whether you are in the market to completely cover an entire room in your house, the garage or a small corner of the toy room we can help with full rolls or pieces of Marley.

DANCE STORES looking to create an area of your store for shoe fittings? You could purchase a dot2dance Portable Dance Floor, or install Marley Dance and Stage Flooring and create a SAFE section of your Dance Store for customers to try on Pointe Shoes, Tap Shoes, Jazz Shoes, Ballet Shoes, or any other items you offer.

SCHOOL DANCE PROGRAMS, THEATER ARTS PROGRAMS to DANCE STUDIOS, we can help create a dance studio room or stage floor with the safest  surface preferred by dancers and performers worldwide, Marley Dance Flooring brand Matlay.

Matlay is also ideal for touring Dance Competitions and Stage Shows due to its ease of handling and portability.  Its lightweight and the vinyl rolls out quickly, lays flat, and stays flat. It’s hard wearing and slip resistant providing just the right amount of grip. Matlay has a non-skid matte finish. Semi-permanent installation.


  • Ballet, On Pointe
  • Contemporary, Jazz, Modern Dance
  • Percussive (Irish and Tap)
  • Hip-hop/Jazz/Street
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Aerobics/Zumba
  • Television/Film
  • Concerts
  • Opera/Theater
  • Display
  • Exhibits

Available in 1 color (Reversible)

Black/Light Gray
(Tape not included)

Installation Type:
Semi-permanent with easy tape down installation.

Installation Info:
All areas where Matlay is to be installed shall be clean of any and all foreign substances such as grease, oil and/or objects including carpeting, screws, nails, staples, etc. Alvas Flooring Tape is the preferred brand that works best with Matlay. The surface should be shaded and kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Vinyl flooring cannot be installed nor used in direct sunlight. The gray and black gets too hot in the sun.


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***All Marley orders have a processing time of 1-2 weeks BEFORE shipping out currently.***