Established in 2013, Dazzle Distributors is the home of the World Famous and ORIGINAL dot2dance PORTABLE DANCE FLOOR. It's Double-Sided! dot2dance is a Genuine Marley Dance Floor with a Non-Slip Gym Mat Back. dot2dance is your very own PORTABLE DANCE STUDIO! Perfect for your Ballet Barre! TurnBoard, Tap Board and Safe Stable Surface to do just about ANYTHING! Its the World’s SAFE SPOT on a “Marley” DOT! dot2dance keeps the Dancer SAFE and PROTECTS Mom's Floors at home too!  A Genuine Marley Portable Dance Floor that creates a Home Dance Studio overnight! Dancers, Ballerinas, Tap Dancers, Figure Skaters, Gymnasts, Irish Dancers, Contortionists, On Pointe, Ballet, Dance Turns, Yoga to Handstand addicts all LOVE dot2dance! We ship ALL 4 sizes of dot2dance WORLDWIDE. We welcome you to check out our quick delivery times with low cost International Shipping Rates!

CLICK BELOW TO LINK to our INSTAGRAM PAGE @dazzle_distributors and see the Genuine dot2dance in use all over the world!