About Us

Dazzle Distributors
Dazzle Distributors, founded in 2013, mission is to bring Niche, Novel , and Unique products to the Dance and Performing Arts World that DAZZLE!
Dazzle Distributors originally started out as a dealer for  the first ever invented rolling Dance Bag with an attached garment  rack called “Rac n Roll”. As Rac n Rolls only dealer in the U.S.A. we provide Rac n Roll both retail to the public and wholesale to Dance Stores.  Rac n Roll is an innovative product that was originally invented to help dancers stay organized and have a place to hang up their Dance Costumes at Dance Competitions. Rac n Roll becomes a mobile closet on wheels! Today Rac n Roll has crossed over to countless industries, including the travel industry. Models, gymnasts, pageant participants, ice skaters, sports teams, cheerleading, pep squads, song girls, twirlers, theater performers, tap dancers, hip hop dancers, contemporary dancers, jazz dancers, ballet dancers, competitive dancers, airbrush artists, makeup and hair artists, sales reps, professional dance teams, summer camp kids, college students, photographers, teachers  and heck even the dry cleaner on the corner has a Rac n Roll set up! Rac n Roll creates a mobile dressing room on wheels! Anyplace you might need to hang up wardrobe or clothes, Rac n Roll is your solution. Rac n Roll has also become a stable in the travel industry.  Especially when travelling on a cruise ship where closet space is very limited. Rac n Roll is not a “duffel” bag. Rac n Roll is an actual piece of luggage or suitcase on wheels. It is perfect for the world traveler with or without  the garment rack in use.
Being that Dazzle Distributors is all about unique, niche, and novel products, it made perfect sense in 2015 to further that mission by introducing our Custom Airbrush Program.  A Rac n Roll Dance Bag is even more Dazzling with your custom airbrush name, studio name, dance studio name, team name, company logo, dance team logo, sports team logo, or whatever you would like airbrushed, WE CAN DO IT! It makes for a very special and unique gift! Need that special wedding gift with a wow factor? A personalized airbrushed bag with the new Mr. and Mrs. creates a priceless wedding gift! Need the best baby shower gift? What new mom doesnt need a rolling bag?
Our custom airbrush program is about encouraging people to be themselves! Be you, be unique, and be proud of it! You will also be the envy of the dressing room rolling in with a Custom Airbrushed Rac n Roll! Each bag is a unique work of art. No two bags are identical.
Although Dazzle Distributors was originally founded to do just that “distribute” dazzling products, in 2016 due to a  unfulfilled need we saw in the market, we introduced 2 of our own brand name products, dot2dance®️Portable Dance Floor and boobie bubble!
dot2dance®️ Portable Dance Floor creates a SAFE SPOT to practice on a DOT! Although frequently referred to as a “turnboard” it is far from only  a turnboard. dot2dance can be used to practice dance ANY genera of dance anyplace SAFELY. Yes dot2dance is perfect  to practice dance turns, ballet turns, jazz turns, pirouettes, but it is perfect for so many other things too! dot2dance radiates the most clean, clear, crisp tap you will ever hear! Do to its innovative design and quality craftsmanship dot2dance®️ is excellent for tap dance. dot2dance priority is safety. dot2dance keeps the dancer safe, the dancers wardrobe safe, and the surface it is used on safe. With its genuine and certified authentic, dance studio flooring “Marley” top, and its slip resistant Gym Mat backing, it screams SAFETY top to bottom. Furthering our mission of unique products dot2dance comes in 4 sizes and can be personalized!
Dazzle Distributors newest product is boobie bubble. Another niche and novel product for dancers and endless industries. boobie bubble is a sticky bra travel storage case. It was designed with a purpose, but cute enough to even just use as a purse. Adhesive bras or commonly referred to as “sticky bras” are widely used by dancers, performers, or anyone wanting to not have their bras straps showing. They are very commonly worn under dance costumes, solo dance costumes, small clothing, tank tops, backless tops, formal gowns, prom dresses, sleeveless tops, little black dresses, sun dresses, summer dresses, costumes, halter tops and so many other items. Adhesive or sticky bras are designed to be worn multiple times. Due to lack of proper storage typically these items are worm only once. With boobie bubble not only do you have a place to store your sticky items, it also preserves it. bobbie bubble with its innovative and unique design has a secret panel inside that helps protect and preserve the sticky! Dazzle Distributors boobie bubble helps saves you the expense of having to buy sticky bras over and over. Preserve the first pair with a boobie bubble!
Dazzle Distributors is pleased to offer other dazzling products like personalized Arch and Foot Stretchers by FlexExpress and YOFI Performance Cosmetics. We are always looking for niche, novel, and unique products that Dazzle so please feel free to contact us if you offer something that Dazzles!