dot2tap Portable SPRUNG Tap Board with Travel Backpack

  • $315.00

Tap Dancers are Musicians gliding across the floor with precision in each movement. We make dynamic rhythm through great technique as our feet fly across the floor. How do we showcase such form differently than any other dance genre? Beginner Tap Dancers to Hoofers, it all begins with a good foundation starting with the floor, a dot2tap Portable Sprung Dance Floor.
  • Includes attached carry handle
  • Added Protection with Urethane Finish
  • Select from 2 Sizes-32 and 47 inch Diameter Circle 
  • Highest Quality Natural 13 Ply Premium Maple Wood
  • Protects Body with Shock Absorbing Circle Sprung Floor System 
  • Quality Full Range Tone. Hear every Nuance of each Sound with Clarity
  • INCLUDES a Custom Travel Backpack with a large Pocket for Tap Shoes ***32 Size ONLY includes backpack***
dot2tap is engineered to be both Audibly and Visually superior with an equally important design that helps PROTECT your body. dot2tap's musicality can be applied to all styles of Tap Dance, from traditional hoofing to Latin, to rap, to blues, classical, to rock, musicals, and show tunes.  It showcases your Steps, Produces a Precise Clear Full Tone, while helping to protect your joints by absorbing shock. The sister product of our world famous universal dot2dance®️Portable Dance Floor, dot2tap Tap Board is handcrafted in the U.S.A. with the same Impeccable Quality Standards. dot2tap Portable Sprung Dance Floor was developed specifically to make you the Artist shine, not only as Dancer but as a Maker of Music. dot2tap is perfect to practice at home or easy to throw into the INCLUDED dot2tap Travel Backpack (available ONLY with Size 32), to warm up Safely before hitting the stage at Dance Competitions, Tap Dance Festivals and Conventions or go Riff at the Park!
Thru our proprietary shock absorbing circle, closed cell Foam Sprung Floor Technology, paired with the Highest Quality of Natural Fine Woods available on the market, dot2tap will deliver a clear precise FULL RANGE TONE and every nuance of each meticulous step will be heard. dot2tap's Sprung System will help absorb landing forces protecting your body and extending your career.
Your kitchen floor will be scuff free, your joints protected, and you will always have a Quick and Easy Safe Spot to Tap Dance on a Dot with dot2tap Tap Board!
Baltic Birch Highest Grade Natural Plywood 18mm thickness, 13 Ply

Weight – 13-13.5 lbs.

Dimensions – 32” x 32”

Height – Approximately 1 ¼ inches high with Sprung System

🚨Recommended for Beginners & Recreational Dancers🚨

👉🏻Birch Shipping out starting 12/4/23


Maple-White Highest Grade Natural Plywood 18mm thickness, 13 Ply

Weight – 14-14.5 lbs.

Dimensions – 32” x 32”

Height – Approximately 1 ¼ inches high with Sprung System

🚨Recommended for Tappers already doing advanced steps like Digs and Riffs, Professionals, Hoofers and Tap Dance Teachers. Maple is a harder more durable wood and a better fit for anyone who Taps heavy footed🚨

Each and every dot2tap is a unique instrument and will look different, as it will showcase the beauty of the wood grain. NO 2 dot2tap look exactly the same but ALL dot2tap will be the best sounding Tap Dance Board you’ve ever heard! 

 Please keep in mind, the harder you work on your new dot2tap the more visible your efforts will be with dents, scratches, and depending on which Tap Dance Shoes you wear, occasionally “Black Dust” will appear on your floor. You do not need to clean off the Black Dust from your Tap Shoes and dot2tap will still Sound Amazing! There are many factors that influence the beautiful battle scars your dot2tap will develop like the type of  shoes you are wearing to how hard you tap. Like your favorite pair of worn in great fitting shoes, your dot2tap will wear in and tell a story and the history of your hard work. Expect your dot2dance to look worn in and still perform perfectly to help you achieve your Tap Dancing goals.

Shipping Processing Time: dot2tap - Normally orders will ship out 2-4 days or sooner, after we receive your order and than your shipping time kicks in.

Maintenance: Light cleaning with a slightly damp sponge, Magic Eraser (Durafoam sponge), or towel. We do not recommend any heavy use of water or cleaning products. Any excessive water on your dot2tap will cause damage.

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